TransForm’s June 2018 Election Reflections

Election thank you imageAnother election is behind us, and all of the issues TransForm took positions on turned out well for our communities, our climate, and for sustainable transportation options. Once again, we’re proud to see that California voters end up making good choices for our climate and communities when they get the chance.

Here is a brief rundown of the results and our thoughts on the issues we took a position on.

  • Yes on Regional Measure 3 - Improve transit and relieve traffic with a bridge toll increase (nine Bay Area Counties) (Yes 53.9%, No 46.1%)

    The passage of Regional Measure 3 in the Bay Area is a victory for transit riders, cyclists, and pedestrians. We're particularly excited about the new funding for Safe Routes to Transit, operating funds for express buses, Bus Rapid Transit projects, and Clipper 2.0 — lower profile projects that will mean a lot for transit riders and low-income residents.

    Social equity was definitely our biggest concern about RM3, which was shared by many opponents and is likely responsible for the relatively narrow margin (preliminary results are holding at 53%). Even though 75% of toll payers make more than $75k, we know this may be a hardship for low-income commuters already struggling to afford living in the Bay Area.

    Now that RM3 is in the bag, advocates are immediately looking to a potential "mega measure" for transportation that could provide even bigger, bolder solutions to our transportation and housing woes. If RM3 has taught us anything, it's to make that mega measure as equitable and comprehensive as possible.
  • Want to know where Gavin Newsom, the top vote-getter in the governor’s race, stands on transportation and land use?

    Check out his answers to our questionnaire. We appreciate all the candidates who responded and articulated a vision for social justice and climate protection in transportation planning… but the #2 vote-getter, John Cox, gave no response. We’ll be circling back to his campaign to get both General Election candidates on the record and inform your vote in November.
  • Yes on Proposition 68 - Bond for parks, water, natural resources, climate adaptation. (Yes 56%, No 44%)

    The bulk of this bond will go to parks, with priority for park-poor neighborhoods and clean drinking water projects. It also guarantees that at least $150 million be spent in areas with a median income below $40,000. This is also the first time climate adaptation measures have been on the ballot statewide, and we’re glad to see it passed. Sadly, more along those lines may be needed in the future.
  • Yes on Proposition 69 - Require transportation revenue be spent on transportation purposes (Yes 80.4%, No 19.6%)

    We’re thrilled by the resounding victory for Prop. 69, even though it is frustrating to have to vote for something so obvious. Now we are gearing up to defend the critical statewide transportation funding from SB 1 (aka the “gas tax”) against a repeal effort that will be on the ballot in November. Ensuring these funds cannot be diverted to other purposes will help make the case against repeal, but with gas prices on the rise, stopping the repeal will be a challenge. This will be a top priority for TransForm over the next several months.
  • No on Proposition 70 - Legislative approval for cap-and-trade expenditures (Yes 36.4%, No 63.6%)

    We’re also relieved to see the decisive defeat of Prop 70, a power grab to undermine California’s climate leadership and potentially divert funds from emissions-reducing projects that benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • No on San Jose’s Measure B - Evergreen senior housing initiative (Yes 43.3%, No 56.6%)

    Congratulations to the local advocates from across the political spectrum who fought back the deceptive Measure B, despite being massively outspent by the measure’s proponents. It would have allowed new sprawl development in San Jose, bypassed affordable housing requirements, and paved over precious open space, setting a dangerous precedent for the region.

The next election will be here before you know it… stay tuned for our November voter guide in early October!


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