Turning alternative transportation into more transportation choices

Mornings are difficult enough for most of us. So if your morning commute involves making a lot of choices of how to get around (should you bike? Bus? Walk? Drive?), it can be tempting to just jump in the car and go.

But what if driving isn’t always the best way to get around, or if riding your bike to the bus will get you there faster? In many cities in the US, this is becoming the case.  The urban transportation landscape is changing, and remarkably quickly.

Perhaps changing fastest are people’s perceptions of their commute, and the choices they are making every day when they jump in their cars, board a train, or hop a bike. RideScout is a company on the forefront of innovation in this urban landscape.

RideScout’s mobile app helps people search for and compare all of their ground transportation options like public transit, car share, taxi, bike share and more, all in one place. The platform helps commuters visualize their best options based on price, departure and arrival times.

The idea for RideScout came about when CEO Joseph Kopser was living in Arlington, Virginia and commuting just five miles down the road to the Pentagon. He wanted a tool to show him the best way to get to work depending on his circumstances and time of day. Joseph searched and searched, but found nothing. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and, with some convincing from co-founder Craig Cummings, RideScout’s journey began.

RideScout is one of a number of companies that believe helping each individual find their unique transportation mix - the one which gets them to their destination safely, quickly, reliably, and comfortably- is one of the central challenges facing our urban transportation system today.

There are too many empty seats in our urban transportation systems. Empty seats on buses, trains, and cars, and ineffective use of bikeshare, carshare and ride-for-hire services. We can think of this as the ultimate “ridematching” problem.  RideScout believes that providing a simple, seamless portal to all these transportation options, along with the trip planning tools to help stitch these modes together in complete trips, could be the key to such behavior change.

Ultimately, RideScout is a platform that gives people the information they need to make the right transportation choices for themselves. At RideScout we believe that when we can each find the right solution to our personal transportation challenges, we can have cleaner air, safer streets, shorter commutes, more leisure time and less stress. And that’s a perfect match.


Paris Taylor is the Community Manager at RideScout.


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