We did it together: GreenTRIP Connect meets the Knight Challenge

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What will make housing more affordable and reduce car trips starting in spring 2016? GreenTRIP Connect!

Thanks to you - our incredible family of GreenTRIP supporters - we raised $175,000 to meet our fundraising challenge by the James L. Knight Foundation and build the GreenTRIP Connect tool.

Announcing the founding sponsors of the Connect Tool

We are so thrilled to be supported by this visionary group of founding sponsors. Enterprise Community Partners brought us over the finish line by adding $15,000 to their earlier $40,000 commitment. Other leading sponsors are the Ford Foundation, Morgan Family Foundation, and Microsoft.

Additional critical donations came from a diverse group of companies like RideScout, a travel app; Silicon Valley Bank; developers TMG Partners, Barry Swenson Builders, and Nautilus Group; EIII California Inc.; and a host of affordable housing developers including BRIDGE Housing, EAH Housing, First Community Housing and Eden Housing. Read more about our founding sponsors here and how you can still join this visionary group.

What is GreenTRIP Connect?

GreenTRIP Connect will allow users to instantly see the many benefits of locating new development near transit.   You will also be able to see how different types of buildings could potentially reduce vehicle miles driven and GHG emissions per household.

With the finished product, everyone will have FREE access to a powerful analytical tool to help build better cities by elevating GreenTRIP strategies to a broader scale. In partnership with the Center for Neighborhood Technology, we are aiming to unveil a pilot version of GreenTRIP Connect in early 2016.  

With GreenTRIP Connect, developers, community leaders, and city officials can easily understand the positive impact of adding affordable homes and traffic reduction strategies to developments: people drive less, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, and more people take transit, bike and walk. 

This powerful information will be available for almost all of California’s communities.

TransForm will also use parking data already collected to create a predictive tool for parking demand, making GreenTRIP Connect even more powerful for Bay Area locations. And over time, we also aim to collect data on health and local economic benefits of these strategies.

Read more here about who we are building this tool for and why this tool has huge potential to make a big impact. Watch this short video or view the slide presentation provided at the San Jose Platinum Launch event in January for more information.

As San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said at our GreenTRIP Platinum Launch event in January, “We know we need the density, we know we need smart growth and we need to be able to do it with everybody on board, and I’m really looking forward [to] the Connect tool, because we know that community engagement is such an incredibly important piece.”­

Huge thanks to our fabulous partners to date including our esteemed GreenTRIP Advisory Committee, GreenTRIP Certified Developers and the incredible work of the GreenTRIP team: Jennifer West, GreenTRIP Policy Analyst (state research, parking database and traffic model expert), Jean Long, GreenTRIP Planner (certifications, community training and transit pass expert) and our hard working colleagues at TransForm!

It is not too late to become a sponsor of the Connect tool!  Join the illustrious group of sponsors named above.  You can sponsor the launch event, trainings for affordable housing developers, or the rollout of the Connect Tool in Southern California. Download and complete the Sponsor Form here.


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