Yes on A1 for affordable homes in Alameda County

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Everyone deserves to have a safe and affordable place to call home. We support Measure A1 in Alameda County because it will make that basic right a reality for more people.

The housing crisis in Alameda County is putting immense pressure on East Bay residents, especially seniors, low-income families, veterans, students, and people with disabilities. People are being forced from their homes and communities by rising rents — in Oakland rents were 13.7% higher in the second quarter of 2016 than in the same quarter of 2015. Many working families are now spending more than 50% or more of their income on housing, and experts estimate that Alameda County has a shortage of over 60,000 affordable homes.

Measure A1 will authorize a $580 million bond that will help people rent and buy homes they can afford in places they want to live throughout Alameda County. With a combination of loan programs, housing development funds, and other programs, Measure A1 will:

  • Help middle-income working families buy homes
  • Help seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income homeowners stay in their homes
  • Create and preserve affordable rental homes for vulnerable and low-income populations
  • Expand affordable rental housing
  • Prevent tenant displacement
  • Allocate funding fairly throughout the county

TransForm urges a YES vote on Measure A1 because affordable housing for people of all incomes is a critical part of creating a connected and sustainable community. Many people who are displaced by high housing costs stay in the region but face a longer commute to work (often driving). It’s proven that building affordable homes near public transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions in addition to improving people’s mobility and their quality of life. TransForm has been working at the local, state, and regional level to increase the number of affordable homes near transit, and we see Measure A1 as part of this effort.

As a West Oakland resident, I am voting yes on A1 because I want my neighbors and their families to be able to keep living in the neighborhood they have called home for generations, close to BART and the community they’re rooted to.

Learn more about Measure A1 here, share this blog post with your friends who live and vote in Alameda County, and vote YES on Measure A1 on November 8!

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