Remixing Innovation for Mobility Equity: Guidance for Planners Using Remix Explore


Jamario Jackson

Year Published: 


Cover photo for Remixing Innovation for Mobility Justice:Download the project brief

Over the course of a year, TransForm collaborated with a team of equity advisors to inform the development of Remix Explore, the software tool transportation planners use to learn about the communities they serve. This project brief illustrates both how data innovation can help planners achieve equitable outcomes AND how advocates can inform innovation and planning efforts.

It also examines how meaningful change requires authentic relationships with affected communities, an understanding of power dynamics at play, and political will. Three case studies demonstrate how the right data can empower planners to center equity in their work.

This project brief provides insight and guidance for Remix users and anyone who cares about equity in transportation planning or mobility justice.

Jamario Jackson is the primary author of this project brief. Valuable edits and contributions were also made by project advisors Tamika L. Butler, Dr. Destiny Thomas, Hana Creger, Leslie Aguayo, and Jonathan Pruitt, as well as from project team members from Remix, Elemental Excelerator, and TransForm. Complete acknowledgements and bios are included in the brief. 

Special thanks to Elemental Excelerator, which funded TransForm’s participation in the project and the development of this brief.