ReX: Connecting the Bay Area with a Regional Express Transit Network



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In 2018, our express lane advocacy led us to submit a proposal to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as part of the Horizon Initiative’s Request for Transformative Projects. MTC paired our submission with a related proposal from SPUR and selected it as one of six infrastructure finalists out of over 500 submissions for further evaluation in the Horizon process and potential inclusion in Plan Bay Area 2050.

At the request of MTC staff, TransForm produced a detailed Regional Express (ReX) Transit Network to conceptualize a key element of our Horizon proposal to move more people with fewer cars on our region’s highways. Consultant Alan Hoffman led the network design and produced a 200-page detailed report for TransForm documenting the submission to MTC.

The current form of the ReX concept is a detailed first draft of the proposal. 

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