Jeff Hobson

Former Interim Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Senior Advisor

Jeff Hobson served as TransForm’s Interim Executive Director during May-October 2020. He is an experienced public policy and planning professional who has helped shape transportation and land use decisions in the Bay Area for over 20 years.

Jeff started as TransForm’s second employee in 1998, brought together winning coalitions of social justice and environmental groups, and helped build TransForm into California’s leading voice for transportation and land use reform. As Deputy Director, he oversaw our regional and local efforts as well as our operations and finances. Jeff helped launch and build many of TransForm’s pioneering programs and coalitions, and he authored nine TransForm reports. After four years away, Jeff rejoined TransForm to help guide the organization through an extended leadership transition as we continue the search for a permanent executive director.

During 2016-2019, Jeff served as Deputy Director for Planning of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. He directed or advised staff on major transportation planning efforts to make transportation safer, healthier, and easier for San Francisco’s residents, commuters, and visitors. Major projects he oversaw included long-range planning, pricing and incentives to manage transportation demand, and neighborhood transportation planning.

Jeff has also worked on energy efficiency, environmental justice, and solar energy in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Jeff has a Master's degree from UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group and a Bachelor's in physics from Harvard University. He and his partner Kim Seashore enjoy living in cohousing and learning from their two teenage sons.