Kendra Ma

Housing Policy Analyst
[email protected]

As the Housing Policy Analyst, Kendra manages TransForm’s GreenTRIP Certification Program and leads efforts to build low-traffic transit-oriented development in the community. Her work also focuses on the relationship between traffic reduction strategies and ride-hailing services on vehicle ownership. 

When she’s not enjoying third spaces and playing music, Kendra is thinking about what it means to have an authentic voice as a Chinese-American female who was born and raised in the East Bay Area. As someone whose decisions and actions are heavily informed by concepts of race and power, she strives to think creatively and lead boldly as a Chinese-American female in positions of influence - ensuring that her background in affordable housing, land use policy, and transportation establishes and promotes more equitable outcomes for all people regardless of race, class, and identity. Kendra’s ongoing practice of embracing and exercising her Chinese-American heritage informs all aspects of her commitment to ensure that racial equity is both a moral imperative and a viable pathway towards economic mobility for all.

Along with her background working in resident services, policy advocacy, and public service, Kendra holds a Bachelors of Science in Community and Regional Development from University of California, Davis and a Master of Urban and Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco. 


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