Shannon Tracey

Former Deputy Director of Campaigns

Shannon left TransForm in August 2018 after nine years in a variety of positions, most recently as Deputy Director of Campaigns. Shannon previously served as Communications Director, and originally joined our staff in 2009 to coordinate the Transportation For America campaign's partner organizations in northern California, including TransForm.

Shannon has worked to effect social change in California for over 15 years, on issues ranging from forest protection to economic democracy.  She has served in advocacy, communications, development, and management roles at various organizations throughout the state.
Shannon enjoys her bike commute from north Oakland to TransForm's downtown office.  She participates in people-powered transportation on land and sea as a hiker, cyclist, swimmer, and rower; she also serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Bay Area Kinderstube, a non-profit German language preschool.  Shannon holds a B.A. from Harvard University and an M.S. in Environmental Education from Lesley University.