Celebrate PARK(ing) Day, when parking spaces are turned into temporary parks!

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PARK(ing) Day in Chattanooga, TN - 2012

What’s kind of like Earth Day and Halloween combined – but even better?

TransForm’s favorite holiday: PARK(ing) Day!

Since 2005, when designers at the San Francisco-based Rebar first imagined a world with more parks and fewer parking spaces, the third Friday in September has grown into an international opportunity for the creative transformation of on-street parking spaces into places for people.

The idea is simple: feed the meter at an on-street parking space, and do anything other than park a car there. For example, why not invite passersby to a friendly game of croquet:








Or host story time:









Or just take the table out of your office break room and put it in the sunshine instead:












The underlying message of PARK(ing) Day is that there are so many wonderful things we could do with our public space besides storing cars. Since we know how expensive parking spaces are – just ask our GreenTRIP team or read a little Donald Shoup – and we're all about vibrant, walkable communities, PARK(ing) Day is right up our alley (so to speak).

Plus, anyone can create a PARK with a little Astroturf and advanced planning – just make sure to check the recommendations on the PARK(ing) Day website and be aware of local codes that may legally restrict the use of parking spaces to cars only.

TransForm has been participating in PARK(ing) Day since 2007. Here’s a photo of our very first PARK on 14th Street in downtown Oakland:












This year, while we’re unable to host an Oakland location, we’ll be on the streets of San Jose in front of the San Pedro Farmers Market. Click here for details – we could still use some volunteers, or just stop by and say hello!


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