TransForm’s 2012 Ballot Initiative Endorsements

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I Voted stickerElection season approaches -- and with it, an alphanumeric sea of local and state ballot measures.  TransForm’s Board of Directors has endorsed the following initiatives for the 2012 election and encourages you to vote on Tuesday, November 6.

YES on California Proposition 30

Governor Jerry Brown is leading the charge for Proposition 30, which would stop mid-year cuts of $7 billion to schools and health services across the State.  Prop 30 raises the state sales tax by one-quarter percent for four years.  It also adds three new income tax brackets for Californians earning $250,000, $300,000 and $500,000. 

TransForm strongly supports the proposition, which would raise an estimated $6.8 to $9 billion, money that is desperately needed for California’s already-underfunded schools and health services.  If it fails, the deeper cuts to the state budget are likely to put extreme stress on all state programs, including public transportation funding.

NO on California Proposition 32

Don’t be fooled!  While Proposition 32 looks like a way to clean up money in politics, it allows corporations and billionaires the opportunity to continue funneling unlimited amounts of money into their pet projects via “Super PACs” and secretive front-group campaign expenditures.  At the same time it eliminates workers’ voices by dramatically restricting unions’ abilities to raise funds for political activities from its members.

A diverse alliance, from the Sierra Club to the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, has come out in opposition to this proposition.  TransForm, too, has voiced its opposition to this measure, and we urge you to oppose it, too.

For more information, visit the No on 32 website.

YES on Alameda County Measure B1

Measure B1 would double the existing transportation sales tax in Alameda County, extend it in perpetuity, and approve a $7.8 billion plan for the next 30 years of spending.  This would be the largest transportation funding measure ever in northern California.

TransForm supports Measure B1 because it would fund several vital improvements: restore cut bus service, start a new youth bus pass program, repair potholes, and make unprecedented investments for pedestrian and bicycle safety and infrastructure and for transit-oriented development.

While we have concerns about some projects in the plan, we are working to address those through other arenas, as explained in our  in-depth analysis of the ballot measure.

YES on San Francisco Housing Trust Fund (Prop. C)

Funding for affordable housing production has plummeted since the dissolution of redevelopment agencies in California earlier this year.  San Francisco, is taking the lead on recapturing funds with this vote on Prop C.  If approved, this proposal would create a San Francisco Housing Trust Fund.

It would take advantage of the loss of redevelopment to recapture a portion of the local property tax receipts and dedicate up to $50 million annually toward the construction of affordable housing.  It would also provide down payment assistance to moderate-income families and provide incentives to produce more housing overall in SF.  This is the first example of a local jurisdiction enacting a permanent solution to the loss of redevelopment funding in order to continue investing in housing for low and moderate income households, and is simpler in San Francisco since it is both a city and county.

For more information, visit this blog posting by SPUR.

Remember, Election Day 2012 is Tuesday, November 6 and you must register to vote by October 22 to cast a ballot this fall.


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