Transportation advocates turn out in force for final cap-and-trade workshop

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Yesterday at the last of three cap-and-trade workshops, Los Angeles area advocates and students joined TransForm to push for investing greenhouse gas cap-and-trade auction revenues in expanding public transportation, biking and walking, and affordable housing near transit.

Out of around 100 people who spoke, over 20 showed up to present their support for the Sustainable Communities for All Proposal – by far the largest contingent. From local allies like Move LA, the Prevention Institute, the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, to students and transit riders, comment after comment spoke to the importance of using these funds to provide affordable, clean, and efficient transportation choices that reduce dependence on car travel and result in long-term emissions reductions. 

The students, representing several colleges and high schools throughout the LA region, were particularly well received as they talked about how much they rely on public transit to get to and from school, home, and work. They asked that cap-and-trade funds expand service and programs that offer low- or no-cost public transportation to students and other groups that depend on transit on a day-to-day basis.

The Los Angeles hearing closed two weeks of public workshops around the state, all of which revealed strong support for the greenhouse gas, economic, and public health benefits of communities with expansive public transportation, safe streets for biking and walking, and nearby affordable housing.

Now, it’s time to take the next step in making the case for these investments. The California Air Resources Board will be accepting written comments for the allocation of cap-and-trade revenues until March 8th. While the workshops themselves laid the foundation for support of the Sustainable Communities for All Proposal, written comments are needed to continue building momentum for real transportation choices. Click here to submit comments via webform now.

And mark your calendar for the statewide Transportation Choices Summit on April 23rd in Sacramento, where transportation advocates from throughout the state will gather to share information and support initiatives related to cap-and-trade and other key transportation issues. For more information, contact Ryan Wiggins at [email protected].


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