Transportation Choices Summit ignites advocates to spark change

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“Cold fusion” might be the best way to describe yesterday’s Transportation Choices Summit in Sacramento. While the heavily air-conditioned Tsakopoulos Library Galeria caused many to bundle up, it didn’t stop over 200 attendees from igniting their passion and purpose to fuel the growing movement to transform transportation in California.

Roberto Zambrano from Chula Vista came to the Summit for one simple but powerful reason: “We need a better California.” This was what brought this caterer from San Diego County to join the movement for real transportation choices.

Zambrano said the Summit has motivated him to get his community involved. “When I go home, I'm going to make sure that every meeting about transportation, I'm going to tell my whole family and friends,” said Zambrano. “I will go myself, and also bring one or two people with me. Over time, the three of us will grow until there are many people involved.”

Emily Sinkhorn traveled 300 miles from Eureka to attend the Summit and inform her efforts to promote transportation choices in rural northern California. Sinkhorn works with the Redwood Community Action Agency, where she leads projects to improve walking and biking, including coordination of Safe Routes to School programs.

"The Transportation Choices Summit has allowed transportation advocates from across the state the opportunity to share expertise and experience – which is essential for those of us in more rural areas,” said Sinkhorn.

Advocates were thanked repeatedly and urged to press forward by such high-profile speakers as Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols and Transportation for America Director James Corless.

“I commend you for your efforts on the Sustainable Communities for All proposal,” said Chair Nichols, who was recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

“You are doing God’s work, and we need you to succeed,” said Corless, speaking about the critical role of California in leading the nation’s transportation future. “It’s not going to be easy, but we need you to keep going.”

Today, more than half of the Summit attendees are doing just that. Over 100 advocates are heading to the Capitol to speak with legislators about the need for investments in public transportation, walking, biking, and affordable homes near transit – and hundreds more will call or email state leaders in solidarity.

Together, we’re making transportation choices a hot topic in Sacramento – and you can help spark the change we need by getting involved today.

Click here to learn more about the Transportation Choices Advocacy Day priorities and take action now.


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