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Our Priorities


More Homes Less Driving

Help win new state and regional funding for affordable homes near transit by demonstrating their transportation and climate benefits.

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Transit That Works

Form, catalyze and lead regional coalitions to shape transportation investments and funding decisions prioritizing public transit, walking, and biking.

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Disrupting Inequity

Partner with community organizations and new mobility companies to develop solutions that put emerging modes of travel to work for equity and climate.

The Latest

Everyday at TransForm, we're campaigning for smarter transportation and housing policy in the Bay Area and across California. And we're supporting Alameda County students and families seeking healthy, safe ways of commuting to school and making other vital trips.

We know that the effects of climate change are already affecting Black and Brown communities the most, and we're teaming up with those communities — our communities — to deliver a healthier, brighter future to the next generation.

Our Work

TransForm's Investors in 
Resilient, Healthy Communities
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Consider contributing to TranForm’s work to connect people of all incomes to walkable communities with excellent transportation choices and equitable housing by making a donation.

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