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California’s first quarterly auction of greenhouse gas allowances took place on November 14th. For the first time in history, California set a price on carbon - $10.09 per ton. This opening price is...
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Key victories for public transportation, walking, biking, and affordable housing... but some races still undetermined From the highest levels of government to local ballot measures, yesterday...
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Santa Clara County cities along the 17.3 mile El Camino corridor have been evaluating Bus Rapid Transit over the last year. A few months ago the Sunnyvale City Council narrowly voted to oppose...
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TransForm and our allies have been working hard with the legislature and the Governor’s office to develop appropriate processes and guidelines for using revenue collected from California’s greenhouse...
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On Friday, September 21st, the VTA Board of Directors weighed in on VTA staff’s recommendation for the El Camino Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. At stake was the possibility of precluding the...
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A few months ago the Sunnyvale City Council gave the thumbs down to dedicated bus lanes, bike lanes, and pedestrian improvements as part of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's (VTA...
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Friday marked the end of the 2012 legislative session in Sacramento, when hoards of bills either fly or die as the clock runs out on our state lawmakers.  TransForm’s Sacramento staff were busy...
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Election season approaches -- and with it, an alphanumeric sea of local and state ballot measures.  TransForm’s Board of Directors has endorsed the following initiatives for the 2012 election...
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MAP-21 Aftermath: Storm Front and Silver Linings Now that some times has passed since the whirlwind passage of a new federal transportation bill, it’s time to assess the damage and figure out...
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As noted in a previous blog post about the EIR, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) is continuing their work on a Draft...



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