Image: Governor Jerry Brown speaking. Photo: Cal OES
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After an unusually busy year for transportation and housing in Sacramento, the dust is settling and we are catching our breath. But we’re not counting our chickens! We wanted to let you know where...
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A long-time TransForm supporter and San Francisco resident, Paul Bendix experiences the best of public transportation (being able to get around in a wheelchair without a car), and the worst...
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Former TransForm staff member Sophia Rodriguez and her daughter rely on public transportation to get everywhere: school, work, childcare, doctors' appointments, the grocery store, and everywhere...
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You may know Gloria Bruce as the Executive Director of East Bay Housing Organizations. At TransForm we are also lucky to know her as a neighbor, coalition partner, and good friend. She...
Image: Earl Kaing. Photo: Federica Armstrong.
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As a TransForm Board Member, Earl Kaing considers himself a "super volunteer", who helps the organization go above and beyond our fundraising and social justice goals. One of the main reasons he...
Image: a little girl uses a Ford GoBike. Photo: Pamela Palma Photography
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The transportation sector is undergoing massive disruption.  America’s transportation and land use planning has overwhelmingly focused on moving cars quickly, at any cost. For those who can’t...
BART platform with people and train
At TransForm, we believe safety on transit means more than just protection from crime. For us, "safety" also means protection from discriminatory policies and over-policing of Black and Brown bodies...
Kailei Johnson with her three kids, Seth, Hannah, and Caleb.
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Six months ago, Kailei Johnson was on the Internet when something caught her eye. It was an article about a new affordable housing development opening up near her in West Sacramento called West...
At the end of April, advocates from aross California came to Sacramento for our annual Transportation Equity Summit and Advocacy Day, co-hosted by TransForm and the California Bicycle Coalition (...
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Early April in Sacramento was about as exciting as it gets for a transportation advocate. After nearly two years of negotiations, the Legislature late last week approved a massive $5 billion per...



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