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++Press Release - Governor Newsom’s May Revise fails to include transit operations


Contact: Amy Thomson, Transportation Policy and Programs Manager

Governor Newsom’s May Revise fails to include transit operations

TransForm’s analysis reveals climate impacts, heavy financial burden for transit-dependent if nothing changes - OAKLAND, Calif., May 12 , 2023

TransForm is disappointed that vital transit operations funding was not included in Governor Newsom’s “May Revise” budget proposal.

TransForm’s latest analysis finds that if this budget moves forward, Bay Area residents will take 735 million fewer transit rides due to service cuts and burden current transit riders with $5 billion in additional transportation expenses over the next five years. “The $2.5 billion needed to save Bay Area transit is less costly, in terms of dollars, people, and the planet than the $5 billion in additional transportation costs that will be paid by the people who can least afford it,” said TransForm’s Policy Director Zack Deutsch-Gross. “We look forward to working with the State Legislature and the Governor to identify near- and long-term solutions to support the viability of transit across the state."

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